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Gulzad Group is one of the largest, most trusted and prosperous companies in Asia. We are also active in Europe and North/South America. With our long-term experience, we handle our tasks with excellence, we take pride in enjoying our world-wide reputation. With various of our operational strategies we conquer our purviews well. It is a family-owned enterprise, the roots can be traced back to Afghanistan in the 1600s. The reputation is laid upon the family principles, in which morals and ethics are the columns of each business transaction.



  1. Gulzad Fresh and Dry Fruits started to export
  2. Gulzad Textile Factory established with more than 100 workers.
  3. Distributor of ‘KohdeQimaye.’ Introducing fertilizers in Afghanistan for the first time in Afghan history.
  4. Expanding export portfolio of Gulzad Dry Fruits to China and Russia.
  5. Gulzad Ltd. became the largest ‘import and export’ company in Afghanistan.
  6. Gulzad Group opened the first non-russian company in Russia, during the USSR era.
  7. Gulzad Logistics established, with major supply chain management solutions throughout Afghanistan.
  8. Lenkap Leningrad Kabul Soap Factory established
  9. First private high rise in Afghanistan the Gulzad Business Center was built in Kabul.
  10. Gulzad Group signed the ‘Bartar Contract’ with the government of Tajikistan.
  11. The Kalaush Factory in Russia was established.
  12. Headquarters moved to UAE, expanding the trading sector in various countries with Gulzad General Trading, registered in UAE.
  13. Gulzad Group reopened the Gulzad Dry Fruits Factory in Kabul.
  14. Gulzad Group Construction was registered as a formal entity.
  15. Headquarters return back to Afghanistan.
  16. Invested in the Baghlan Sugar Factory, first sugar factory in Afghanistan.
  17. Major shareholder in the Cement Ghori Factory.
  18. More investment in the Gulzad Logistic infrastructure.
  19. Gulzad Group established an Afghan Women Owned Construction company, in the name of California Women Construction.
  20. Started with development Contracting business in Afghanistan.
  21. Expanded further in Germany,established strategic office and warehousing in Hamburg, for Europe operations.
  22. Gulzad Shopping Center was opened in the heart of Kabul city.
  23. Expanding to India with Gulzad Fresh and Dry Fruits.
  24. Entering business ventures with Rana University in Afghanistan.
  25. Expansion in the Agriculture sector in Afghanistan.
  26. Established the first independent Afghan Youth TV for the Youth.
  27. Investment into the IT industry in Dubai.


These are our latest and brightest projects that we’ve put a lot of passion and efforts.

Construction of One Business Plaza and Residential Block Each 24 Stories

Gulzad Construction

We are committed to help the economy of Afghanistan grow, recently over 100 tonnes of grapes were exported to India by Gulzad Group.

Gulzad Trading

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Gulzad Foundation

Gulzad Group is undertaking projects nationwide since long ago. Gulzad Centre in the heart of Kabul was built recently with over 240 Shops throughout 7 floors.

Gulzad Investment

Gulzad Group is committed to present Afghanistan’s brighter side to the world, recently Afghanistan Youth TV is launched for empowering youth of the nation.

Gulzad Media

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Gulzad Logistics

Don’t forget to check our entire portfolio.