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    Strong corporate social responsibilities, lead to strong societies ...

Who We Are & What We Do

Through our wealth of expertise and visionary approaches to our business projects and collaborations, we have firmly established Gulzad Group as the go-to organization for a wide-range of business service needs. With offices based in Europe and North and South America, we work with partners and clients worldwide. Our strong international reputation ensures that we have access to the very latest cutting-edge technology and methodology for each of our projects, enabling us to not only secure exceptional partnership agreements but to also deliver impressive results for our clients, each and every time.




Gulzad Group is committed to promoting the new face of Afghanistan to the world. Through our business divisions and affiliates, we are preparing to change the skyline – not only of the City of Kabul, but of the entire country. Like generations before, we will build on the values of our family heritage and continue to be a proudly-Afghan, privately-owned company. Our vision is to once again bring to the fore the true culture of the Afghan people. With our globally-educated and forward-thinking team, we will carefully blend the traditions and values of our country with modern business practices, developing our business so we can play an integral part in the betterment of all our citizens.


Gulzad Group know the true Afghanistan: A country full of potential and economic capability, ripe and ready for restoration. We are dedicated to rebuilding and re-establishing the country as a leader in global trading by investing in infrastructure, developing investment opportunities, identifying mechanisms for growth, and improving the accessibility of Afghanistan’s economy. We will realize this ambition by integrating local and global perspectives; utilizing the skillsets of the Afghan people by creating a wealth of job opportunity; and by using our reputation within the international business community to positively influence change planning at every phase.